Highland Council to examine West Link land title deeds

Title deeds of land which could be crossed by a planned new road for Inverness are to be re-examined by Highland Council.

It confirmed it was taking the action following suggestions that land at the Bught could be common good land.

Common good campaigner Andy Wightman said last month that BBC research of the title deeds suggested the area should have that status.

The proposed West Link road aims to ease travel across the city.

Possible costs for the project range from about £23m to £75.5m.

Highland Council has been consulting the public on potential routes for the road.

In a statement the local authority said: “The land at the Bught has not been administered on the basis that it formed or forms part of the common good.

“The council has considered the comments made by Mr Wightman.

“The council will undertake further research and examination of the relevant titles in order to satisfy itself as to the status of the land.”

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