Trump’s war on Menie continues.

Together we’ve won a key battle, but Trump’s war on Menie continues.

In the wake of our campaign success that ensured Donald Trump withdrew the threat of compulsory purchase orders over the families of Menie, the Scottish Government have now launched a consultation on the use of Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs)*.

The government claim it is seeking to update guidance to local authorities and other organisations so that compulsory purchase orders ‘need not be a heavy-handed process‘**. 

But we’ve commissioned a legal expert to review the government’s proposal and their key finding is that the goverment’s draft proposal encourages public authorities to use compulsory purchase more, and doesn’t adequately take into account the devastating effects it can have on someone’s home, family or business.

We can’t trust the government to ensure that the peoples’ voices are heard during this consultation. 

We need to make our voices heard.

To save time and make it easy for you, our legal expert has prepared a pre-written email, below. Please feel free to add your own comments or alter the wording. Making it more personalised is a useful and important touch. And please don’t forget to add your name.


Please cut and past the wording below and send it to now. 

And please let us know if you receive any response you feel we should be aware of. Many thanks.

It is vital that your voice is heard in the consultation.

Thank you so much for taking action to help safeguard the future of all our homes.

Please feel free to forward this email and encourage your friends to do the same.

More soon.

Menie thanks.  Smile

* Scottish Government’s consultation page. It’s long. Our legal expert has done the work for you.
**The Press & Journal’s spin reporting here.


Ann Niven
Directorate for the Built Environment
Scottish Government
2J South Victoria Quay

Submission to Consultation on the Guidance on the Use of Compulsory Purchase 

Please treat this as my response to the above consultation. I wish to make the following points about the draft circular:

  • It is not necessary to change anything at present; the Scottish Law Commission will examine the law of compulsory purchase in the next few years, and the Scottish Government should await their recommendations; 
  • It does not define what a public interest is and how to distinguish between a private and a public interest. 
  • If the circular is to be published, it should be altered to make it clear that a development such as the Trump development at Menie would never be considered to be something that would meet the public interest tests;
  • It does not properly respect the principles of sustainable development;
  • It should recognise that those living in an area are best placed to know what is best for the area;
  • It does not reflect the fear and upheaval that are caused by a proposal to compulsorily purchase land;
  • It does not prevent another situation like Menie happening again, where residents have been in fear for years that they would lose their homes;
  • It does not respect the rights of those who are subject to a compulsory purchase;
  • It encourages local authorities to use compulsory purchase more often; this is unfair as there is no scheme of legal aid to allow individuals to obtain detailed advice or representation before an inquiry into a compulsory purchase;
  • The draft is seriously deficient in respect of the proposal to resource public authorities with advice and expertise, ignoring those who most need advice – those facing losing their home or business.

In short, the draft circular encourages public authorities to use compulsory purchase more, but doesn’t adequately take into account the devastating effects it can have on someone’s home, family or business.

Revising the guidance on using compulsory purchase without considering the bigger picture is a mistake.  The Scottish Law Commission will be looking at compulsory purchase in the next few years.  This will look at all the issues, including how to ensure the process is fair to those most affected by a compulsory purchase, including the availability of advice.  

Please acknowledge receipt of this consultation response and forward any responses to this email address.

Yours sincerely


2 thoughts on “Trump’s war on Menie continues.

  1. Done. Left a personal note as well:
    “On a personal note I feel we have to be very careful when we allow wealthy and powerful individuals such as Donald Trump to purchase massive amounts of land in Scotland. People like this have the bottom line as their main interest in Scotland and have complete and utter disregard for people who get in their way, whether politically, or by living on a piece of land that will plump up their profits. Scottish people have to be protected by the Scottish Government from the invasive attacks of businessmen whose only concern is profit. Scotland as a country have the ‘little guy’ at the heart of policy. Policies should be made for the benefit of the country as a whole and not for the benefit of a powerful non national who doesn’t live here and doesn’t have this country’s best interests at heart. Anyone who wants to trample on the people of Scotland as well as literally trample on our protected SSI’s should be subject to the highest scrutiny. Perhaps the Government should consider a compulsory purchase order on the Trump International Golf course in Aberdeen? Scotland is the home of golf but it should also be the home of fairness and decency and not the opposite with local people being evicted from their homes. No unelected individual should be allowed to have so much power in Scotland.

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