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Conclusions: How We Organise – There is not enough being done to break down the barriers that stop people participating. While the “activist” is to busy and has no time for whatever reasons – there is a whole community out
there looking in. What they are looking at (generally) is something they do
not feel part of – something out-with their experience – or more troubles
to add to the ones they already have. If we are to get more people involved
(an imperative if we want things to change) we need to start using our
imagination and the type of tools that do not create more alienation – but
power and understanding for those who need it most.

The event attracted some new people interested in what is going on around them. The Common Good day event, also set out some of the benefits we could gain by more communication through our various groups and activities. A few highlights of the events and updates, follows.


Shopping ( groupMedia day)
I worked with young folk during the week with the theme of shopping. We went for walks around town and the shops, took some pictures, wrote some essays and graphics on shopping and had discussions a the Electron talking about different aspects such as Needs, wants, branding, values, symbols, choice, propaganda (advertising) and the credit crunch


City Strolling was keeping everybody fit (Group from Adelphi centre) as we walked to Richmond Park under the guidance of someone who once lived near there. Noticing a big part of the park has been given over to a private housing development. Unbelievable that our young folk need to rely on a memory from someone for such vast areas of our city. Here any historical reference, and public institutions, has been obliterated – Our young folk are losing fast something they do not even know that they own as the common good fast becomes just another memory.


Common good daycom-dudes
CG day attracted a good diverse bunch of folk involved in various community projects and issues. We had Wyndford parents + waen, a group of artists doing a project in the Wyndford, (GogetGlasgow) Save Pollok Park, North Kelvin Meadow, New Social Art School, ASAP Scotland*, Burgh Angel news and others. Very interesting day. We agreed to do more.


Common Good Grant applicationform
Below is a link to a grant form issued by a citizen of this city. On it is a brief description of the “Common Good” and an application form to apply for a common good grant. Remember the council only use the Common Good fund of Glasgow to fund junkets, mobile phone bills and fancy receptions – and who knows what else. Why cant it be used to fund a street party or celebration in your area?
Application form – or design your own for your town or village.
Go on try it.


I came across Stephen Koepplinger (After School Activities Scotland) in the Wyndford estate as he led a team in stripping of the overgrown top-soil from a red blaze pitch behind the schools that were closed down and are now being demolished. Steve is working with folk from the Wyndford who are creating their own regeneration.
If you want to help at the pitch. Every Saturday from 10 at the Wyndford pitch. Bring a ball a few of your friends and a few snacks. Video Website


Starting to organise for the January Reshuffle. If your group, yourself or anyone you may feel would be interested please let me know. Organising the Reshuffle is a lot of work mostly done by myself – so any kind of help is welcome. See here for last years program
Date for this years event will be 30 January – plenty time for people to organise, events stalls, discussions. 09 video


paperCommon Good News
Hoping to start to put together at the beginning of the year a Common Good newspaper, for distribution nationwide – A kind of common Good awareness publication – setting out historical details of the CG, details of recent events, victories, and the CG as a tool for organising and enlivening our communities. This publication could also act as a precursor to a national Common Good Day, somewhere, sometime in 2010. (Reshuffle discussion?) Common Good for beginners


The Bridgebridge
The Bridge network will endeavour to organise the connecting up of groups and folk connected with community organising everywhere. Feel free to join – create groups and tell us your news, views and events

Connecting communities everywhere

How We Organise was held at the Electron Club at CCA during Document7 Human Rights Film Festival


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