Later this month Save Pollok Park celebrates the anniversary of its first public meeting Planning Meeting Thursday, 15th January Pollokshaws Parish Church Hall 7.30pm

Pollok Park
Pollok Park

Glasgow City Council has not yet been able to sign a lease with Go Ape

In 2008, thanks to your support…

We exposed Glasgow City Council’s flawed public consultation process and their cavalier treatment of the National Trust for Scotland

We exposed as a con statements from the Council and Go Ape that they would only come to Pollok Park if the people of Glasgow wanted them

We revealed that Councillors were misled when they approved the proposal in 2007. They were not told of the legal agreement requiring NTS consent for certain developments – nor were they told that Pollok Park is Common Good Land so the projected commercial deal to raise revenue for council services is a non-starter

We exposed the sham offer by Go Ape of 450 free places to Glasgow schoolchildren. Head teachers were not asked if they would agree to the health and safety requirements which will mean virtually shutting schools down so that enough teachers could accompany the pupils. So far we have not found one school prepared to take up the “offer”

We have exposed the poverty of the planning application – the lack of public toilets, lack of parking survey, no study of the impact on flora, the less than truthful assertion that due to noise “we would have to look up to notice anything at all”, the visual and noise pollution of the fences and zip wires in an area of national landscape importance. Despite this, 14 Councillors voted through the application – but now the Council has recognised the flaws and is trying to get round them – see below

We have exposed Go Ape’s business record on illegally felling trees and pledged our support for other campaigns in UK fighting Go Ape proposals in equally unsuitable

We gathered over 5000 signatures, held public meetings of 700+ and a vigil of 1000 people in the North Wood demonstrate that we are not a small group of “NIMBYs” but people from all over Glasgow and beyond who value the gift to the “Nation and the Citizens of Glasgow ” that is Pollok Park

The campaign remains determined to safeguard the park as was intended in the gift – even if the Council seems to have abandoned its obligations

A new year and new challenges Once again we need your help!

Planning Meeting Thursday, 15th January Pollokshaws Parish Church Hall 7.30pm

If you would like to actively take part in the next phase of our campaign, please come to a small informal meeting on Thursday evening to join our Campaign Group regulars and volunteer your services.


Lobby members of the National Trust for Scotland – NTS holds the key. We believe they have an obligation to resist this development but they seem unwilling. We want to leave them in no doubt that their membership agrees with us. We will organise a letter writing campaign

Lobby councillors about changes to the planning consent – we now know that the council intends to develop Knowehead Lodge with toilets and car parking as an alternative to the “builders huts” condemned by the Burrell architects. However, they want to do so without a change to the planning consent or any public consultation. We need to ensure this does not slip between the cracks

Who will pay for these amendments – will the proposed lease be amended to cover the costs or will the overburdened council taxpayer have to foot the bill? We need to know

The rationale for Pollok Park as a site disappears – one of the main reasons for rejecting other Glasgow parks was to take advantage of the existing facilities with no need for investment. What do the council and Go Ape say now? Why not consider alternative sites?

We now know Pollok Park is common good land – no income can accrue to the council, one of the original criteria. Why has it taken two years for the council to solve this? Why was this not realised at the discussion stage?

Lobby for referral back to the council Executive Committee – the proposed changes above are completely contrary to the proposal agreed by the Exec Committee in Feb 2007. This major change needs to go back to them for approval

The campaign goes on – every year we delay is one year closer to the next council election.

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