In The Courier Newspaper Fife


I read with interest that Tesco wish to build on Guthrie Park in Forfar. Before they buy up the world I have several questions to ask of them, and the relevant authorities.
Why do they need a bigger store?
What do they do with their existing premises?
Where do they propose to put Forfar Albion Football Club?
What about the safety of schoolchildren travelling to and from school?
What about the conservation of Scotland’s native red squirrels (which live in that area)?
The ground which they propose to build on does not belong to Angus Council, but the Common Good Fund which in turn belongs to the people of Forfar.
I would remind the council what happened the last time they tried to sell off public property in Forfar. The Reid Park springs to mind. I urge the people of Forfar to have this plan vetoed before it gets off the ground.
And the town, I feel, will suffer more if Tesco get permission; other shops will be jeopardised. Surely there are enough empty shops in Forfar without there being any more—which is exactly what would happen, in my opinion, if Tesco are granted permission for this venture. M. N. Lawson.


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