What Is The Social Energy Collective?

About part 2. Citizens Development Project


The purpose

 We hope to uncover the pragmatic questions that need to be answered that will help to build energy for change through the participation of ordinary people.

The process

We will not change things using the same tools that have brought us to where we are now. Unlearning systematic education and television would be the major exercise.

The project

We can chose to be passive citizens and let thing be done to us. Or choose to be active citizens and do things for ourselves. This project is about doing things for ourselves.

About us

First up a few things need to be said. We are not here to impress our peers, or intellectualise our findings, or patronise anyone. We hope to uncover the pragmatic questions that need to be answered that will help to build energy for change through the participation of ordinary people. We will use anything we can find at our disposal, work with, collaborate with and use ideas of others where we can find common ground.

The city of Glasgow is our workshop, that is not to say we have geographical boundaries. The same stuff works anywhere.

There is a great opportunity to test our theories against the plans what our city administrators have magically came up with for shaping our city for the next thirty years. in the "City Centre 2050 City Centre Development Framework Consultation" We will work using this to test ideas along with the Community Empowerment Act and the development of a common good register for the city. As citizens, we do not come to praise Caesar, our process will be with any drummed up ideas based on speculation, will be to drag them through the acid bath of cynicism to see if anything remains of use at the other end. 

Up to this point we can only work with the evidence of past history we have and it doesn't engender to much faith in the idea of public lead city planning. Unless we do it ourselves, using our own tools we have such as the statutiory instrumints that give us the right of participation requests. As any honest public servant would agree with.

Citizens Development Project

So the CDP project will work to create a comparative report between existing resources, the community needs and the Glasgow City Development Plan and how we can ensure a positive and sustainable outcome for local people. We will do this by working with established and newer community groups by looking at existing models of development and developing new ones.

To do this work We will be us using a variety of mediums; mapping, drone photography, film, screenings, interviews, surveys, on line work and and other medium such as art, drama, performance, music and poetry. The idea being to use anything available to us that can carry a message and encourage participation.

We will work from our container workshop at Free Wheel North in the Glasgow Green and other spaces to be determined. We have a community rickshaw that can be used to carry equipment and facilitate exploration. We will conduct bike rides to various parts of the city, field trips, archeology and mapping. We have a range of film and photography equipment at our disposal. 

We will conduct interviews, film areas and things of importance and of interest and map them. At the end of our year we will have enough relevant data to challenge any plans made in our name should reflect wholly peoples interests before even setting up the discussion with business, Instead of the other way round.