The purpose

We need to start living for each other as human beings. Why do we put up with a dog-eats-dog life. We need to find out what connects us and work with that.

The process

Is to engage with those needing to be engaged with in the work of organising and to direct useful knowledge in the process of organising to the places where it is needed

The project

To make radical change energy needs to be harvisted and pointed in the right direction otherwise it dissipates and loses mass. The question asked here is where should it be directed?

Social energy here meaning what we do in our spare time, chill out time, learn things, socialising, thinking.

We are often advised that it is prudent to save energy on heating, water, insulation, with solar power and all sorts of things. While we can point you towards ideas in these important topics. We also need to draw attention to, social energy. 

So while we are being encouraged to save energy. Good ideas for a world with finite resources. We need to ask. Why do we not apply this to social energy? We each have finite time and energy both physical and mental to spend on things. How do we ensure the best value for the expending of this energy? Particularly when it has become an ever increasing imperative to do so?

Social energy is also the energy we waste in dealing with Subjugated tasks; zero hour contracts, universal credit, cynicism, racism, isolation, segregation, fear, mortgages, loans, bureaucracies, governments, banks, financial services, debt, propaganda and a myriad of other things. Things that are usually a massive burden to our enjoyment of life, that take up endless time and worry and for some leave little time or no time for anything else.

Social energy is needed to resist the prioritisation of corporate interests we are burdened with. We need to preserve social energy to fight these things not give it away to the banks. Social energy is way more valuable than money. Social energy is time and when it is gone we don’t get it back. Money may work in the short term but only if you have it and many do not.

Everyone has social energy. How do we understand it to look at present and future problems as well as goals? Money is a bad way to look at or value social energy because those who control most of the money want to keep it all. If we only use money as a label of value, of worth, it limits the ways we can engage in the world for the obvious reason most folk don’t have much or any.

What we are talking about here, when we say social energy, is the raw material, before it is converted to the mono value of money. Because once it is converted, as is presently, we have starving people at one end of the financial spectrum and billionaires like Jeff Bezo, at the other. What does one human being need $103 billion for? Search as you will, but you won’t find a credible answer, other than power over people. If our want is to lead a decent life we will need as much social collective energy as we can muster to reclaim power back from the Bezo’s. 

We have social energy to spend. So what do we want to spend our social energy on?